How and When to Use Makeup Powder

makeup powderPowder is an essential cosmetic product and we always need it during our makeup process. What is its role? Well, first of all, it offers an even texture and color to the entire face so that our skin won’t show traces of redness, acne, dark circles or any other skin problems. The powder will cover all the areas and will ensure you a nice look.

When is the right time to apply the powder when putting on makeup? This is simple: first clean your face, then apply some moisturizing, after this use the concealer (if necessary), then apply the foundation. Now is powder’s turn. After this you can complete your makeup with blush, eye shadow and other eye cosmetic products.

When you leave the house, take in your purse a pressed powder compact. Why? Because we all know that during the day the face may become shiny and the makeup may fade away. In this case, you can use a fluffy brush to pick a small amount of powder and apply it gently on the problematic areas. Your face will look refreshed and you will always be great.

Now about how to apply the powder – it is not complicated at all. When you are at home you can use loose powder. Follow this method to make sure you don’t overcharge your face with powder, but that you apply just the necessary amount for an even look: first release some powder in the lid of the container by slightly tapping the bottom of the container, then choose a big and large brush (it should be fluffy and soft) and pick up some product – after this you may want to tap the brush to remove any excess – now apply the powder to all of your face areas with gentle moves.

Make sure the whole face skin is covered!


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