Keep calm and have a liposuction surgery next week

As you can imagine I am worried, but what you cannot imagine is that I have OCD. I have suffered from this disorder my whole life, this is why it is very hard for me to get out of my comfort zone without panicking and driving the people around me crazy. This summer I decided to take the BIG step and have a liposuction surgery. It is actually the first surgery in my life. I was on the tipping point with a tonsillectomy back in High-school, which I managed to avoid at the last minute, and a few months later my tonsils were back in shape. Probably my tonsils suffer from OCD as well. To get back to the point though, I started my research two years ago. I had my computer swamped with excels and my Chrome crowded with bookmarks. I knew every doctor from every clinic in Virginia and also any good or bad review that was ever written in what seemed at that time a secret stalker’s Liposuction Files. During this period I also had some updates to make, some doctors moved town others retired or changed clinics. Without exaggerating, I could release an e-book on the Liposuction Industry in Virginia Beach but I didn’t. Instead I decided to listen my therapist and erase all the documents. She asked me to make my pick based on the information I already had memorized, just like any other person would do.

lipo surgeryI grew up believing that perfection exists, only that nobody really took the trouble to search for it thoroughly. And this is what I did from as long as I could remember trying to control everything in my life, in order to find that safe place in which I could for once feel comfortable being me. But the more I tried, the less control I really had over things, and the fatter I got. I am also a very meticulous, highly organized human being, this is what I used to think that kept me alive. Still I could never get the hang of this weight thing in spite of dozen of diets, crazy work-outs, prescribed weight loss medication and so on. All worked until one point: I did lose weight until I started gaining it again after a short period. And all of it gathers around my belly and thighs. Even if I have skinny legs, arms and face, my body keeps on reacting to some mysterious psychological force inside, which I am only now beginning to crack.

To help me properly prepare for the plastic surgery (which means in my case making sure this surgery won’t be another last minute thing I gave up on), I decided to pay the whole sum in advance and block any forums and liposuction surgery related websites in order to stop my frantic search for information until 4 AM in the morning. Next step was to write all the instructions down on post-its, which I placed in different rooms of my house: who will take me to the hospital, who will take me from the hospital (back-up 1 and 2). I also talked to two cleaning ladies, two personal Chefs specialised on stay-fit foods who were also given careful instruction from my doctor and also two nurses who would take care of me post-surgery. I like to keep two for each to avoid personal problem issues that may occur in my 3-day after the operation period. Knowing that things fall into place helps me feel a little better. I still have a lot of things on my list which I simply cannot prevent: for e.g. a natural phenomenon such as an earthquake or a tornado before, during or after my surgery, a bad day for the doctor or for the nurse or for both (I also made sure that the doctor I chose has a pretty average life with little surprises, someone who was born and raised in Virginia and knows his city quite well. He is not a partygoer, nor does he have a small child or a pregnant wife in the last trimester, or a sick relative. My doctor is actually an incurable optimist who always has a joke or a counter-scenario for my future projected horror stories). I am actually pretty envious of him. This is where I would like to be in ten years’ time, optimistically of course!

As a woman, should I wear 2 different perfumes at the same time?

One question most people have but not necessarily ask, at least once in life, is whether we can or cannot wear 2 different perfumes at the same time. As exciting as it may sound, it is an unwritten rule that we should not wear 2 different perfumes at the same time.

Some people believe that if the scents are similar to each other, you can wear both perfumes at the same time, even if they are in the top 2 women’s perfumes. However, even in this case, you should not. It is not really normal according to the unwritten society rules to wear 2 different perfumes at the same time. The most important reason why you should not wear 2 different perfumes at the same time is because no matter how similar you find the 2 scents, they are different. Someone who knows the smallest thing about perfumes, knows you are wearing 2 different perfumes. It is not impressive to wear 2 different perfumes at the same time, it is actually repulsive and some people might actually find it disgusting.

best womens perfumesOn the other hand, other people believe that you can wear 2 different perfumes at the same time as long as you do not apply both of them on the same spot. For example, you apply one perfume on your neck and the other one on your wrists. Doing this is just as bad as wearing 2 different perfumes on the same spot at the same time. Most importantly, do not try this on a first date. You can make a fool of yourself when you are with your friends and you know you will laugh about this 2 days later but when you are on a first date, you might scare off the other person. It is a known fact that you must be yourself when you are on a first date, but there are some things you simply can’t tell or do when you just met someone. Even if the other person might not have a problem with you wearing 2 different Christina Aguilera perfumes at the same time, he or she will realize that you are trying too hard and that might as well scare them off.

Now, as I said before, some people believe that if the scents are similar to each other, you can wear 2 different perfumes at the same time. Trust me, it does not matter whether the scents are similar to each other or not, the effect will be the same. Try to stay away from that belief, ‘even though I wear 2 different perfumes at the same time, at least they are not completely different’. Love The Fragrance is the best place to read different reviews on perfumes, colognes and antipersiprants.

Choosing a perfume is a really important and personal thing. If you cannot choose between 2 perfumes, try a 3rd one. Don’t just buy both perfumes and wear them both, try out more because usually when people can’t decide between 2 things, they probably shouldn’t get any of them. However, if you really want one of the 2 perfumes, there is a method to choose one of them. It is an old belief that if you can’t decide between 2 things you should flip a coin. It doesn’t matter which side you get, you will know your decision the moment the coin falls on the ground and you see the ‘result’. I think this is a really good method when you are trying to decide between 2 perfumes. Trust me, this is 100 times better than wearing 2 different perfumes at the same time.

As I said before, perfumes are really personal. Well, they should be. A perfume completes your look. It has to be relevant to you, to your style, to your personality. There are people who pay attention to these little things, such as perfumes. It is a skill actually, it is called being detail-oriented, which I think is really important these days, when our lives are so complicated. We need people to remind us about the little details, the little things that make such a big difference. However, my point is that these people will notice your perfume the minute they meet you. Contrary to a common belief, a perfume says a lot about you.

All in all, the most important thing you should remember is not to wear 2 different perfumes at the same time. As I said before, it is an unwritten rule. Even if you are the kind of person who just won’t follow the rules, it is unpleasant to sit next to someone who wears more than one perfume at the same time. It is actually confusing.

Things no one tells you about straightening your hair

straight hair flat iron

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It may be true that a curly hair or a braided hairstyle will always have its charm, elegance and sexiness, but a perfectly straight hair will always create a special vibe in the hearts of those who wear it and those that are passionate about hair styles. More important, a straight hair style is ideal both for day and night, casual and glamorous, office and pubs. In case you are not one of those women that are constantly going to salons for their hair, nails and makeup, and you are straightening your hair on your own, it is important to keep in mind a few tips regarding this procedure. Next to come, the 9 most important tips that no one is going to tell you if you do them wrong:

1. Using low heat may be harmful

Although the most important rule is to stay away as far as possible from high heat sources that will damage your hair, it is important to know that also a lower heat level will cause the same amount of damage to your hair. The explanation is quite simple as setting a low heat level to your flat iron means you will have to go over that specific hair section multiple times, thus the damaging effect will be similar to the one where you use a high heat level. The optimum method is using a medium temperature level.

2. Don’t use a round brush

It’s nothing wrong with blow drying your hair using a round brush, it is actually recommended, but not if you are planning on obtaining a perfect straight hair. In this case, the perfect choice is a flat paddle brush. Using this type of brush you will still be able to give your hair enough volume while managing to obtain the much desired straight hair.

3. It can be done without heat at all

Once in a while, it is recommended that you allow your hair a period of rest from the damaging effects of the flat iron. In this case, you can use normal rollers that seem like large soda cans. It will definitely take more time, but it is worth it once in a while. Allow your hair time to regenerate.

4. Use the cool level on your hair dryer

Although using the heat level will style your hair, in reality, cooler air is the one that helps you keep your hair in place. The recommendation is that after you finish styling your hair, turn on the cool air level from your blow dryer and allow him to set in place. This is recommended especially for those with African American hair texture because drying your hair at a cool level will relax your hair even more

5. Begin from the shower

It is important to keep an eye out when it comes to the shampoo and conditioner that you are using. Make sure that their formula is specially created to help you obtain the perfect straight hair. Think of this step as you create your makeup, it all starts from a great foundation.

6. A straight hair must have volume

It is true that when you want to obtain the perfect straight hair, it tends to lose its volume due to the flat iron. Don’t worry about this because there is a solution: when you use the flat iron, try and pull the section of hair up when you straighten it; it will give more volume to the roots.

falt iron for african american hair7. Heat protector is a must

In general, sprays are not that recommended, but a heat spray protector is definitely a must when it comes to straightening your hair with a flat iron. A heat protector comes in many forms such as spray, cream or mousse, but be very careful and remember to always use it before attacking your hair with a hot tool like the flat iron. Try using these flat irons for black hair as they are designed for people with frizz problems

8. Never use serum before using the flat iron

Hair serums are great and extremely efficient, but it is prohibited to use them before you straighten your hair with the hot flat iron. The reason is quite simple if you think about it and a funny way of demonstrating is by thinking of a cooked chicken. In order to fry it, you need oil. This is the same thing that would happen if you use serum before using the flat iron.

9. Keratin treatments don’t straighten your hair

People tend to believe that if they do a keratin treatment, they will automatically obtain a perfect straight hair. That is completely wrong, because this treatment is used to eliminate frizz and smoothen the texture of your hair. It doesn’t actually straighten the hair.

Finding Fabulous Shoes That Fit Your Foot

fab-shoesThat pair of shoes. There is always that pair of shoes which you visit every day saying hello and then goodbye to. We wave to it like how we do when we see an old friend. For which we dedicate a big chunk of our next paycheck to. We imagine ourselves wearing it. How it feels on our feet, and how it matches our outfit.

Only to be in that severe crushing moment when you, after a long agonizing wait, finally can take that pair home, but, as heartbreaking as it is, and you can freely correct me if this was never true, they don’t have your size. Now, you may be tempted, but don’t even try, to settle for a size smaller just because you want this particular pair that bad, this most probably will give you ugly ingrown toenails and hideous calluses. Not to mention that they are extremely uncomfortable. You may sulk on it for days. You might even get so disappointed that you may start to wonder, will you ever find the perfect pair of shoe again?

Well, sure you can. The perfect pair is just around the corner. But first and foremost, know your feet. Yes, that’s right, know them. What type of feet do you have? Are you flat-footed, do you have a high arched foot or neutral? These types have different needs as far as footwear is concerned. They have different responses to motion, are not equally stable with regards to walking and gait, and generally fit differently with each type of footwear.

Anatomically speaking, our feet have natural arches which serve to stabilize them when we are walking or running. These also give us the right amount of cushioning that we need when we, for example, stand for long periods of time. Good footwear is that which support these arches. They are that which does not antagonize the natural contours of the feet but actually move and work with them. The type of shoe that you need to get the best support for your feet depends on which type of feet you actually have.

Flat-footed individuals are those who have, as the name implies, flat feet. Those with low arches or no arches at all. These people are the ones who have a tendency to trip or to suddenly lose their balance when in fact they are walking on a smooth sidewalk. These individuals may need shoes that are stable and doesn’t require much effort to balance. Try to stay away from 3-inch high heeled shoes or stilettos. My apologies, but these may not work for you. However, you can go with pairs which can easily be balanced and managed, like colorful ballet flats or funky sneakers. They equally make the good impression so long as you choose the one which complements your over-all style and flair.

womens-feetHigh-arched individuals have elevated foot arches. These people usually complain of pain on the leg muscles especially after doing impact activities like jumping or running. These individuals lack the support and the shock-absorbing qualities of neutrally arched feet. People with high arches may not feel comfortable on flat shoes, ballet shoes and the like since the arches of the foot does not have proper cushioning and support in these pairs. Make sure to check for adequate cushioning and support, especially on the midsole where the arches are. Also, the shoes suited for this type will need to have more flexibility, this way the shoes follow the contours of the feet, thereby reducing the stress on the midsole.

If you have neither of these types of feet, you are golden. You have neutral arches. You have almost unlimited selections. You can wear anything. You won’t need to have to carefully pick shoes which give you the most stable gait. You can indulge in 3 to 5 inch high heeled shoes, sport a wedge, or go with the classical pumps. No problem. Go ahead and take your pick, you lucky princess you.

Have you checked your arches yet? Have you now realized why that pair of flats hurts you so much after just a few steps? Why you feel your feet has been crushed after a workout? Are you now asking yourself, have I been buying the right pairs? Well, now that you know more, you would be more critical in getting a pair for your soon to be happier feet.

So, the next time you eye that pair, make sure that your feet will fit. Fit the feet. Not the shoes with it.

New Year’s Eve Makeup

The New Year’s Eve is the most important party when you have to be admired by all men and envied by all women. You need the perfect dress, the most expensive shoes, the most glamorous purse and of course, the best makeup ever! In this article, we will present you some great makeup models which will ensure you many invitations to dance.

new year makeupLet’s start with some classic colors. As you know, first you have to clean your face, to moisturize it and to apply the foundation. Now, for the eyes you can choose between silver and gold – preferably both shimmer and not matte. Or you can even pick shimmering black. Apply the eye shadow just a little above the crease in a generous quantity and contour the eye lines with the same color too. After this, you can apply a black eye liner on the watery lines of the eyes and also on the upper lid. Here you can choose between a cat tail model or a slightly smoky eyes effect. If the eye shadow does not contain enough shimmer, you can add some extra glitter for a more extravagant effect. Now, because your eyes are so charged with makeup, your face has to be as natural as possible, so pick a nude blush and also a nude lipstick that will only highlight your natural lip color. Also it is not wrong to use red lipstick with gold eye shadow and pink lipstick with the silver one. Do not forget about the mascara – apply one with extra volume effect or longer lashes effect and then use the lash curler to make sure that, among this huge amount of makeup your eyes will still be visible.

Check out MAC for great makeup products

Another great idea is to apply a powerful colored eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes (like strong gold) and then continue with black matte eye shadow. Contour the low eye line with this bright color and the upper line with black. Also use black eye liner for the watery lines of the eyes. In this case, a fine mascara is recommended – one that will not charge the lashes, but just separate them. On the exterior corners of the eyes you can apply three pieces of gold glitter. Use nude blush and nude lipstick to stay on the safe side.

Pick any combination you like and have fun!

Natural Beauty Products

avocado beautyNatural beauty products are growing in popularity. This is probably due to the notion of them being chemical free and often times coming from an organic source. Supermodels, beauty stars, Hollywood celebs are in love with these “all natural beauty products.” The notion of being chemical-free attracts a lot of people because it is safer, effective and as the name suggests, natural. In addition, something in the word “natural” makes its appearance in any product name a little more magical, as it is perfectly safe to use, but is that always really the case?

Reasons Why Natural Beauty Products are Popular

One of the reasons why natural beauty products are popular is because they are chemical free. Many chemicals can be harmful to the human body; therefore, people are looking for natural alternatives. Ideally these alternatives don’t contain any artificial chemicals that can be harmful to us, in fact, there are studies that revealed certain chemical cosmetics could lead to cancer. Though the Natural Products Association maintains cosmetic products and is the one responsible for keeping the quality and authenticity of chemical cosmetics, there are still dangerous products that managed to get out to the market. Further, when one cosmetic product was carefully studied, there are some cases where the study would find that a certain ingredient could cause harm. Those are the reasons why natural beauty products are very popular.
Some examples of natural beauty products are coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, avocado, Shea butter, liquid carrier oil, arrowroot powder and aloe Vera.

Are Natural Beauty Products Really Safe?

If you are buying natural products, make sure that you read the labels carefully. Some of them might not be very suitable for you, and might cause allergies. There are also some fake natural beauty products out there, claiming that they are all-natural but they really aren’t. Take precaution to those products that contain paraben (used as preservatives), petrochemicals (often found in skin creams and foundations), mercury (mostly found in mascaras and eye drops), lead in lipsticks, dioxane found in shampoos and deodorants and phthalates in nail polishes and hair sprays.

Allergies – Beware

Natural products come from natural plants and oils and always remember that some plants can make us allergenic. There is a study in the British Journal of Dermatology that revealed the most popular ingredients that cause allergies are tea tree oil, feverfew, lavender, and jasmine. There is a trick to know if the beauty product is all-natural, it is called the sniff test. “If a product says it contains natural strawberries but smells like imitation strawberry-flavored candy, then it may not be as natural as you think,” says Schlessinger, past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery.

The Best Makeup Brushes Out There

top makeup brushesWhat do you need for the perfect make up? It is easy – besides good quality cosmetics, you need perfect make up brushes which should set your make up evenly and without leaving traces on your face. For this, we have created a short list with the best makeup brushes for each purpose.

The best makeup brushes for applying foundation are the following: EcoTools Buffing Brush (it has a flat end and it is very soft; it offers you a natural nice look), Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush (also with a flat end, good for powder foundation) and Real techniques expert face brush (it has shorter bristles and is great for liquid foundation).

For eye shadow you could choose between Sephora’s Pro Shadow brush 14 (with soft and dense bristles), MAC 239 (with rounded end, soft and stiff for a good precision) and Eye shadow brush from Bobbi Brown (applies the right amount of cosmetic product).

Some great blush brushes are the following ones: Studio stipple brush from e.l.f. (which also can be used with foundation – powder or liquid –, bronzer, and highlighting), Tapered blush brush from Ecotools (works with both powder and creamy blush and picks up the right amount of blush) and Real techniques blush brush 1407 (great for countering, blush application and face powder too).

The eye liner brush is also important and the next ones are really great: Eye liner brush from Bobbi Brown (good for applying eye liner on the upper line of the eye), Bent eye liner brush from Sonia Kashuk (great for fine lines all around the eye lines) and angled eye liner brush Sigma E70 (use this one to create an eye’s cat look).

As for some good crease brushes, you should consider the followings: Good Karma crease brush from Urban Decay (a vegan soft and stiff brush for perfect shaded creases and contours), Eye crease brush from e.l.f. (great for blending and creasing the make up in the corner of the eye; picks up a lot of product and works for bold looks and smoky eye look) and eye crease travel brush from Laura Mercier (the bristles are tapered to a pointed end and they offer you precision and complete control when applying the product).

These were our suggestions for some best make up brushes. Now you should for sure go out there and try them all. Continue reading »

How and When to Use Makeup Powder

makeup powderPowder is an essential cosmetic product and we always need it during our makeup process. What is its role? Well, first of all, it offers an even texture and color to the entire face so that our skin won’t show traces of redness, acne, dark circles or any other skin problems. The powder will cover all the areas and will ensure you a nice look.

When is the right time to apply the powder when putting on makeup? This is simple: first clean your face, then apply some moisturizing, after this use the concealer (if necessary), then apply the foundation. Now is powder’s turn. After this you can complete your makeup with blush, eye shadow and other eye cosmetic products.

When you leave the house, take in your purse a pressed powder compact. Why? Because we all know that during the day the face may become shiny and the makeup may fade away. In this case, you can use a fluffy brush to pick a small amount of powder and apply it gently on the problematic areas. Your face will look refreshed and you will always be great.

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Remove Makeup – Expert Tips

We are all talking about new makeup products and great brushes but we are forgetting about something very important – the makeup removal. If you don’t remove your makeup this can clog the pores and lead to skin problems. Also the biggest mistake is to sleep with your makeup on! Besides the clogging, this suffocates your skin and on a long term it ages the skin cells. This is why, on this article we will learn to completely remove the makeup from our faces.

First remove the makeup with makeup removal tissues, for example Beauty Treats Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues from Collagen (also good for water proof makeup and oil), or Cleansing Wipes from Nivea (they have many wipe types, just pick the one fit for your skin). During this process, do not forget about the lips, the lipstick has to be wiped off too! If you thought this is all, you are wrong. Wipes are not enough to completely eliminate your makeup, you have more to do.

So, now it’s a good moment if you want to take a shower (or just to hold your face over the sink with the hot water running) – in this way, the pores will open and the rest of the makeup will be easier to eliminate. After this, you should wash your face. For this you could use Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser all made up of natural products and good for skin problems too; or Foaming Facial Cleanser from Clean & Clear Essentials (cleans without over drying).

If you still have makeup around your eyes, take a cotton swab, pour a little eye removal on it and clean the eyes. Great eye removals are these ones: The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (oil-free, it does not affect your sight at all), or Nivea Double Effects Eye Makeup Remover (with this one you don’t need to rub the eyes in order to clean them).
Now you only need to wash your face with cold water, to wipe it with a towel and to apply a light moisturizer!

Makeup Brushes: the Basics

makeup brushes 101Nowadays you can find a lot of types of brushes. If for a professional makeup artist this aspect is more than wonderful, for a common woman this can be pretty confusing. One may think that buying a set can solve the problem, but this is not true. Sets also contain brushes that you will probably never use. To clear the air, we have made a list with the brushes you really need on the daily basis. Just make yourself a list and go shopping!

First is the foundation brush. This has to be flat and dense and not extremely flexible. You need a soft one but firm in the same time, so not to poke at your skin and not to separate during the application.

The powder brush is big, fluffy and round at the base. It can either have a round end or a flat one. It has to be soft and not firm at all.

The blush brush looks almost like the powder one, except it is smaller and not that wide, so as to concentrate only on the cheeks area.

A concealer brush that is also flat. You can have one with round end and one with an angled end for smaller and difficult areas of the face.

The eye shadow brush is flat like the concealer one, but its bristles are shorter and fluffier. You can use this brush for blending too, it works very well.A crease brush that looks like the one for the eye shadow, but it is smaller than it and allows you a more accurate application on the eye lid.

The eyeliner brush is very small and thin. It also has an angled end for a precise and flawless application. In order to be easier to use, you can find this brush in a bent formula. This one allows you an even more accurate application on the top of the lashes. The eyeliner brush can also be used to apply lipstick on your lips.

Click to read the complete guide on makeup brushes

And let’s not forget about the lash brush. You can find it in two versions – one with both a mini comb and a brush at one end, and double ones having a brush at one end (just like the mascara does) and an angled brow brush at the other end (which can be used to fill your eyebrows with color).